Numark is nearly on the mark against Pioneer

We all know that when it comes to DJ equipment there’s really only a few big players in the game. Our hats are off to Pioneer as the undisputed King of DJ equipment but a close second is going to Numark. Because they have a very strong foothold in the DJ midi controller world with their flagship 4 channel midi controller, the Numark NS7II. So let’s take a look into the cool new features of this expensive and awesome DJ midi controller.

The Next Model from the NS7 predecessor

That’s right, the NS7II is indeed the latest model from DJ equipment manufacturer Numark and improves on a number of the key features of its predecessor the NS7. The biggest upgrade is the 4 deck mixing feature combined with an amazingly low torque setting that will have you rocking the DJ gig like no other DJ they’ve danced to.

Acapella on the top no problem now

It’s even possible with the equipment for when a beginner dj to be able to place your favourite acapella tune right over the top of the whole mix you’re working on or even to mix two of your favourite songs together while magically slotting in some parts of a third track to ensure a more enhanced, even futuristic performance is had by all in attendance.

Top draw build quality

As was the case with the Numark predecessor the NS7, the NS7II has an equally impressively strong build quality. So in adding in the FX controls as well as the EQ addition and the extra MPC pads, we’re giving this midi controller a firm top 5 favorite position among our DJ expert team.